We’re baking Kourambiedes (traditional Greek cookie; made for weddings and holidays) with Angelo’s Restaurant.
her freedo m. that would be you. >> yes. >> you’re excited though.it >> i am very excited. >> this is your mur. and you are making cookies. yes. >> and i’m going to make some cookies. >> what are the name ofam these cookies. i cannot pronouncei it. >> kourambiedes.>> ra >> exactly. >> so tell me what iwh need to do. >> you need now to make the shapes. >> that’s it. >> we’re making it in hearts forithe the weddingg theme, we’re loving lo each other, you know., >> i didn’t know your heart looked like that. >> ask a few wskomen. f >> that’s>>t’ kind of a sad heart. >> i like it. >> you bake that for 15, 20 minute at 350.. >> at 350. >> and then you putn itut outut on a parchment paper, sprinkledpa s with confectionner’s sugar.on >> these are traditional cookies at a greek wedding? >>>> yes. >> no n breathing. >> because you get the powder sugar. let me inhale first. >> there you go. now you



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