KOCH BAKERY 10-12-17

KOCH BAKERY 10-12-17
bree >> very weekday mornings are from starbucks but would like to wall street cindy rosemary or her this morning bu thought it whole. she blames him or are you having a file together very hungry problem to talk to bill gates would go to walk you … you will be publicly known to unlock the door satellite will talk about well first of all want to say that were coming into our really busy even have water holidays on theirs howlin but for that where say about the state next week and you and allstate xl monday closed on monday but that’s okay because what happens is people buy for the both the whole week should become salsas which have we have anything from cookies to doughnuts to freighters to pies to quick breads csn were doing breakfast burritos were actuall doing her slot now this has bacon egg into the sausage egg and cheese on the burritos we door sausage biscuit so we do have hot ite



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