Klement’s Recalls Beef

The Milwaukee-based company is recalling thousands of pounds of beef.
company has announced a beef stick recall. thanks for joing us this evening. i’m george mallet. klement’s announced it’s recalling beef sticks because they could contain plastic or glass!jay olstad is in the newsroom with this four on your side report. officials announced they have recalled nearly three-thousand pounds of beef sticks that klement’s produces. the big question tonight–how did glass and plastic find their way in to the meat? carolyn harmonjust can’t believe it. the u-s-d-a announced it is recalling two-thousand-seven- hundred-and-40 pounds of beef sticks made by milwaukee based klement’s sausage.the actual product is calledhe “market pantry beef sticks, original”. the feds say they’re vacuum- packaged with a use by date of march first, 20-12. they have the number 2-4-2-6-b printed on them.neither could we. that’s why we tried to talk to klement’s officials today to find ou



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