Kitchen With Costa Vida

Dave from Costa Vida shows us how to make delicious and healthy super bowl snacks
and granite. . >> okay, i am so excited about this, as you know i’m a big sports fan. super bowl coming up. we watch games at our house. we are making great aetizers with dave crows, executive chef costa vita. i have never made guacamole. >> it is very healthy. coasta vita, it is one of our favorite addons, everybody gets a scoop on something. >> sometimes you want two scoops. >> two is better. today we will make a real real simple one. it starts with avocado. half the avocado. >> you have mashed them down. >> then we will put a little garlic. maybe a little bit more garlic. . >> and just come together all nice. >> are these roma tomatoes. i use romas. no seed. it’s easier to dice. these are h jalapinos, so put a little bit in there. >> just a little bit. we will take some cilantro. >> fresh, that adds great flavor. >> that’s it. you know what, that’s pretty much it. we will add sea salt



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