Kitchen Organizing Segment

Organizing your kitchen segment
>>> hey, thanks. we are over here in the kitchen because getting organized in the new year is something many of us want to focus on. sometimes we neglect the kitchen. well, professional organizer name is aim for order and she joins us now. this is something people tend to neglect. so when we make the decision to work on the kitchen, where do we get started. >> getting starteddate is the hardest part i are pick a drawer any drawer and dump it out. and once you dump it out you will start making piles and sorting like things together and you will start to see what i can toss but what i can donate. >> establishing a jumping off point. any drawer in your kitchen start and go and that will domino down drawers to cabinets and up top and whatnot. >> one at a time. >> when it comes to the organizational process, you need to sort of know your pattern in the kitchen as to what he important to have



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