Kitchen Capable Kids

When kids help prepare their food, they eat 90% of it! You want to make sure your kid is eating healthy, and not trading off their meal to another kid in the lunchroom, that’s why Jennifer Bushman, author of the “Kitchen Coach” series, joined Dao & Shawn…to show how simple making a healthy meal can be!
>>> good tuesday morning. when it comes to food, studies show kids eat 90% of the things they help prepare. >> shawn: getting them involved gets them excited. these foods are kid tested, mother approved. jennifer bushman, great having you here. >> i’m excited about the show. thanks for having me. >> shawn: local kids in clark county, school starts the 30t 30th. thametips for parents. >> something nutritious that kids love. onceou send it to school it gets trad or parents don’t realize how much is thrown away. >> shawn: there’s a black market. >> but kids throw stuff away. the place we want to start is breakfast. being able to get something delicious that gets them started right. what most parents don’t know, egg land’s best eggs, these have four times the vitamin d, three times the omega 3 of regular eggs, lower in saturated fat and cholesterol and they taste great. you can get in a litt



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