Kinsale Seafood Stew

We’re cooking Kinsale Seafood Stew with Chef Derek Davis and Chef Eric Steinhauer.
much, m court. we’ll head over to the kiten k right now.t vince, what have you got cooking? >> listen, a lot of things could happen thispp morning. i don’t know how it’s going to i go here. we have eric steinhauer, the executive chef of the newport meredith next to me here. good to see you. and we have derek davis, this gentleman here, he is irelandan’s first tv chef guru.u. now, if you haven’ten noticed, we’ve got a couple of big powter else of irish booze here. i’m not saying anything.g. but things could happen. now, my friend eric, tell me what we’re going to make here. >> ok. what we have here is jus ht a traditionalit irish stew, seafood stew. we have just a regular vegetables that you have, onion onions, potatoes, celery, butter, teromatoes, andom then for the seafood, we have swordfish, scrod, shrimp, scallops and salmon and forlm our alcohol today — y >> we’re putting booze in i



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