King/Queen Of The Grill

When It Comes To Grilling This Summer, Are Men From Mustard And Women From Ketchup?nTips and Secrets from Twenty-Five Years of Grilling Together
the summer men are from mustard and women from ketchup. that’s from cheryl and bill jameson. who is better at the gril. the guys or the girls? >> in our family, and i think probably in most american famil families cheryl handles the things that require a little fin estatfinesse, chicken and seafood. >> bill is god with steak and grilled vegetables. that’s true for a lot of men. >> for a lot of families mom does the indoor coking. who is doing the grilling, kids? >> men and women share the responsibility equally according to recent surveys. they like different kind of food. women tend to prefer chicken and seafood. men prefer steak. but they al agree on high-quality ingredients and affordable price. that’s a major consideration in the summer grilling season. a lot of people probably know that walmart sells grils and grilling supplies. but walmart has great prices on quality grilling ingre



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