King Kong

Eat a few dead animals and win a thousnad dollars!
he looked a little rough, didn’t he? around here we have a soft spot in our heart for food. >> and that means really big burgers as we preview the burger eating contest with zoe you recognize her probably from a few different commercials. sheaghlou from king congress. good to see you. >> let’s get to the burgers. let’s start with what is on it. >> this is the super congress. it is the super patty. >> can i hope that up? >> you sure can. there are pickles, mayo. >> it is the works? >> that’s right. it is the works. this sour centerpiece for our contest. >> do people eat these things? >> i’ve had people order these on a daily basis and they have contests and there say guy that runs 10 miles every week and he comes in and eats them and is he skinny as a stick. >> so people eat these every day and order these everyday. it is not just a novelty? >> right. >> the contest you’ve been doing it f



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