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All right, kin dread wines foe you can on producing w world-class wanes, wines that are balanced, food friendly and faithful expression of california’s fruit and land. We welcome ken and we have chef chris. Good morning.nnGood morning.nnI knowhow a late night last night. You had a big shin dig down at azn with the wines.nnAbsolutely. It went well.nnWhat did you serve with each wine? First of all how did this all start? The kindred wine story.nnIt startedded with a bunch of fries. Six people all different walks of life goes back to middle school and, you know, we all had passion for foods and wines. We had an opportunity to get together and thus the name kindred and all come from california.nnWhy don’t you take us on a tour of what you brought with you. It is about the quality and not the quantity. You really make sure that your wines — that no wine is served before you are ready.nnAbsol



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