Kims Kake

Only the best cup cakes in Indy.
today. we are doing that with kim from kim’s cake creations and reka from radio now. good morning ladies. thanks for visiting us today. >> of course. >> we are going to talk about the cakes that stopped scott in his tracks. he was thrilled with what you were putting together. where are you? >> 5401 south madison avenue. >> you can find the bacon cupcakes, which we will get to in a couple minutes. reka, last time i saw you, we were trying to find a face for tv. >> yeah. >> she’s on facebook. i have to get up at 7:00 a.m. >> it’s normal. you guys on the radio stay busy. you have a busy summer coming up. >> we do. we do this every year. august 1 at the indiana state fairgrounds this year. drake is a big hip hop artist, everybody loves him. we have tickets. if you want to give them away. >> let’s give them to the eighth caller. it’s so long summer jam. 239-55. yes, that’s the real number. >>



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