Kim’s Hard Times Tuesday: Gardening

Groceries are one of a family’s biggest expenses, and while coupons can cut costs big savings may be found in your own backyard.
may be in your backyard. here’s kim vallez with this week’s hard times tuesday report: i’ve got strawberries just started here this season. joran viers is a master gardener. different fruit trees plum, apple erry, several pear. his passion has now become a necessity for many families. have you heard of a lot more people doing this with the economy? there is a real upsurge. growing yo own fruits and vegetables could save you a lot of money..and get you eating healthier. you could easily look at savings of 20 to 50 dollars a week in produce and fruit. its not rocket science either something humans have done for thousands of years. and its not expensive. to get started…all you need is space… compost, some basic tools, water and seeds, or plant starters. the onions i didn’t intend to buy but i was in the nursery and it was 59 cents for like a bundle of a hundred and i thought for 59 thou



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