Kim’s Hard Time Tuesdays: Groceries

In the second of a series of Hard Time Tuesdays reports Kim Vallez describes ways to save money on food.
to save money on everything — even essentials like food. so how do you do it? as kim vallez explains in tonight’s “hard time tuesdays” report, it’s all in the know-how: if you are wondering how you can save money at the grocery store. we are going to show you how a family of 6 does it. meet the jaramillos. mark, veronica josef, gabriella, megan and isabella. many mouths to feed …one medium sized income. is it good? smile. we eat out once a week, about once a week but other than that we cook at home. the jaramillo’s save money wherever they can.. and planning is critical. it starts with the weekly circulars. and a meal plan. before we go shopping we try to say what do you want for dinner this week, well this is on sale…lets make this we set for week so we aren’t going back and forth, that is when you spend more money. and they try to make more than one meal out of it. something that



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