Kimchi Gaining Popularity

Kimchi gaining popularity
the upper 60s. really not a whole lot of rainfall expected over the next seven days. >>> a classic staple korean dishes surging in popularity across the u.s. >> lisa: many consumers are discovering kimchi.>> millaine: cris martinez has more on the kimchi craze. >> reporter: for years scott irvin has baked bread in his kitchen, but he’s learning to master something new, the korean dish kimchi. he likes it not just for the taste, but also the health benefits. >> it’s good for your gut. i’ve learned is high in antioxidants. >> reporter: kimchi has long been a fixture in korean cuisine, but is also catching on in western markets with its popularity surging in the u.s. foodies are fast discovering the pickled fish made mainly of korean radishes and napa cabbage. >> 18,000 pounds of napa come through here per day. >> reporter: cosmos foods is the largest kimchi maker in the u.s. distributing h



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