Kilroy’s Claims Controversial Expansion Doesn’t Need City’s

The battle lines have been redrawn in the fight over one restaurant’s expansion proposal that would eat up prime parking space in Broad Ripple.
angie’s list is investing eleven and a half million dollars. > >trisha:the battle lines have been redrawn in the ongoing fight to put yet another bar in broad ripple village. the owner of the kilroy’s bar and grill franchise suddenly withdrew a petition to amend building standards, saying they no longer needed them. six news reporter jack rinehart has followed the kilroy’s controversy, he joins us now with what’s at stake. > >reporter:kilroy’s bar and grill initially petitioned the board of zoning appeals for permission that would have allowed them to fall far short of city development standards. kilroy’s decided this afternoon, they could proceed without the city’s permission. > >the battle to convert cardinal fitness into a bar and grill has become an excercise in legal maneuvering. kilroy’s believes that a variance granted to the property in 1987 would allow them to dramatically avoid



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