Kids Like Cartoon-endorsed Food Better

Kids like cartoon-endorsed food better
(christa)what does scooby have that parents don’t?the power to get kids to eat what’s on their plate!a researcher at yale university put identical foods in front of a group of 4 to 6 year olds. the only difference was how the snacks were packaged. one was plain the other had a licensed cartoon character — like dora the explorer — on it. overwhelmingly — the kids insisted they preferred the taste of the snack endorsed by dora. for this reason, the researcher is now pushing for the f-t-c to restrict the use of characters on junk food. christina roberto – yale university) “i think it’s critical. if we can get the licensed characters off the packaged foods, it will really help level the playing field in supermarkets when parents go out to shop with their kids.” the kids in this study also said carrots tasted better when they had the approval of a cartoon character. 3



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