Kid Friendly Cooking

Chef Tom shows us some great cooking projects that your kids will love to help with!
>> furniture for “good things utah” provided by the timber lodge collection.. >> all right, what kids don’t like hamburgers and french fries, they will love them even more when they are cupcakes. look at that, that looks so awesome. chef tom is here with fun kid friendly food that your kids will love to make. >> you’re home from school this week. and by now your kids are probably bouncing offhe walls, going, what can i do? if they are anything like i w, after the first day of vacation, i think in my mom was ready to ship me off to see my grandma. so easy to make and it’s fun, it’s something you can do during the day and then have for dessert that night. you can do a hamburger dinner with hamburger dessert. >> this is so cute. a whole theme. we ate enough ham and turkey to last a lifetime. >> we have just yellow cupcakes. i have one here, you slice it right across the horizontal part so y



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