Kid Approved Iron Man Recipes

Enjoy an Iron Man drink and BBQ Bacon Meatloaf
>>mat approved iron man recipe is easton along with colleen hatton. what are we making? >>heather: we were making barbecue bacon bites but what do we make first? >> iron man drink. >>heather: if you look close, it’s two toned. what was on the bottom? >> cranberry juice. >>heather: and on the top? yellow gatorade. fresh out of the oven. barbecue bacon meatloaf bites. check out the cheese coming out on these. we saved a few pieces for matt. you kind of mid baking added that barbecue sauce on top. >> super easy. >>matt: what i need to know, these are delicious. you are not going to lead me wrong. these are going to be good. >> yeah. >>heather: what’s your favorite part about them? >> the bacon. >>heather:



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