Keri Glassman / Nationally-Renowned Nutritionist

Nationally-renowned nutrition expert and bestselling author of such books as “The Snack Factor Diet” and “The O2 Diet”, Keri Glassman is the host of the highly-anticipated new show “What’s Eating You?” on “E! Entertainment Television” which tackles the prevalence of compulsive eating disorders in a society that can often value looks and appearance above everything else. “What’s Eating You?” sheds light on people’s lives who are at risk as they battle their own body images and compulsive eating disorders~like a woman who eats paper and magazines in her sleep, a woman who puts countless packs of artificial sweetener on everything that she eats, a man who chews and swallows a pack of gum instead of eating to feel satiated, a woman who eats toilet paper dipped in pickle juice every night before bed, and much more.
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