Kelsey’s Essentials

Tune in to meet the Cooking Channels newest star, Kelsey Nixon. Kelsey dishes out details about her new show and how she decided to become an amazing chef!
>> dao: welcome back. a fan favorite from the next food network star is getting her own show. kelsey nixon was a contest talent on season 4 and joins us toalk about what she’ll whip on the new show. good morning to you. >> good morning, thanks for having me congrats on your debut show saturday. tell bus your first episode. >> i’m so excited. kelsey’s essentials airs saturday and the first episode is about pasta. basic sauces and pasta from scratch, i guarantee everyone in america has everything in the kitchen right now to make pasta. flour, eggs, salt and you have fresh home made pasta. >> dao: are you tackling simple dishes to complex? >> most are very simple. it’s all about the essentials and going won step beyond the basics, the goal is to get people cooking and provide something for more seasoned cooks as well. >> and what’s your favorite thing to cook? >> my favorite thing so cook,



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