Kelly Lifestyle: Tipping Etiquette

Kelly Lifestyle: Tipping etiquette
cooking. >> we want to keep in mind the folks that are making your experience is more enjoyable. >> do you have we did you ever wonder how much to tip? >> whether you are on vacation or a stay-cation, how do you tip? i am here with the training supervisor at catch a 31. tell us about what you’d do. >> i take care of my customers. i make them feel at home. i tend to their needs. hopefully, they take care of me if i take care of them. >> a lot of people are going on vacation right now. what is a good tip when they are leaving? >> a standard tape should be 20%. — a standard tip should be 20% of the total. if there was nothing wrong with the service or the food, 20% as an average. >> i am with the valley supervisor. thank you for joining me today. tell us what you do here at the hilton. >> my job is to not only give the guest a first impression, but answer any questions that they have. >> y



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