Kelly Can Twist Pretzels

kelly can twist pretzels
ladies. >> one of our other favorites around here is kelly can. this week, readers wrote in with a little bit of a challenge for our girl. it is not as easy as you might think. >> it is time to find out if kelly can twist some pretzels. . >> this w suggestion from — they wanted to know if i could twist their pretzels here at the factory. you run the pencil factory, right? >> we do. >> what are we going tot do today? >> you will be making the pretzels.ze you will be twisting the pretzels. m baking the dough. you will be cookinyog them. you have to wash your hands. >> let’s go get into uniform. i am all decked out in my pretzel in gear. to make some dough. is that right? >> this is air mixture. m it can handle up to one and 50 pounds of flodsur, but we only do 50 pound shot at a time. we had no conditioner, skip and a full cup. — wheat at the dough conditioner — we add doughh conditione



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