Kelly Can Make Hot Cross Buns

kelly can make hot cross buns
pastries. >> we’ve got to say if caylee can make hot cross buns. >> i am at the bakery in virginia beach. we’re going to see if caylee can make hot cross buns. we will make cross buns. let’s get to it. the first thing is we’re going to add our water and we add our base. >> it is orange. i’ve never seen orange to go before. >> you want to be careful. you do not want to wear it. push the green button and step back. >> what are these other ingredients? >> we have yeast, . we go over to the oven. >> all right. kelly did an excellent job. then you used paper caught apricot glaze. a good dose of it. your next to the last step will be to put your frosting on. you’re going to take the icing and go straight down your bonds all the way and both rows. >> this is a popular item at easter. what is it with easter and hot cross buns? but this implies easter sunday and that is what the cross represents.



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