Kelly Can Lunch Lady

Kelly Can Lunch Lady
was in your food as you moved through the cafeteria line in school? did the thought of mystery meat make you shiver? this week we sent kelly back to her old elementary schol, mt. vernon elementary, to check out the changes in the cafeteria line- and to se if kely can be a lunch lady… saved under kelly can lunch final ps. there is music playing in the background, so please be sure audio 1-audio 3 is incorporated. thanks! want to hear from you! what else can she do? we want to hear from you! send us your challenges to feedback@fox-43-tv-dot-co m. homer .. marge … and homer … marge … and the gang may not be showing any signs of age … but the simpsons are twenty- years-old ! generation of devoted fans has helped the simpsons become the



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