Keeping Your Family Safe From Food-borne Illness

Recent cases of widespread food poisoning have involved staples such as peanut butter, ground beef, and spinach.
burgers. these arebu just a few of the potentiallyti deadly foods that have b feen recalled in recent years. every year about five-thousand people in the u-s die from food- borne illnesses. in segment 2… consumer reports shoropsmart… and 2news anchor erin christy… foundst that how you handle food, beooginning at the grocery store, can make a difference. (natsot: playing) today, rylee gustafson is a healthy 12-year-ol d. but three years t ago she almost dieafter eating a spi nach saladna contaminated with e-coli. (sot: rylee gustafson) “it wa “s very serious. most of the time i was on machines and i was unconscious.” in rylee’s case, washing the spinach would probably not have been enough to keep her safe. but cooking spinach can kill bac teria. mandy walker of consumer co er ports shopsmart says there are many things you can do to help protect yourself, starting with “smarter food



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