KC Hamburger Stand Stands Test Of Time

For 55 years, the constant sizzle of the grill are the sweet sounds of success to Jim Hayes, owner of Hayes Hamburger & Chili. National Small Business Week marks men and women like the Hayes family that have lived the American dream.
(jay) this week, president obama marks national small business week.(christa)so we are taking a closer look at one local small business that hasn’t just been successful, but is a living part of kansas city hamburger history. lindsay shively is live (lindsay)3 irvin hayes and his wife alice louise started this hamburger stand in 1955. 3 this hamburger louise started his wife alice 3 louise started this hamburger stand in 1955. their son jim started working here when he was twelve, and when his father passed away – jim took over the family business. hamburgers started at just 17 cents. and fifty five years since they opened, everything around hayes has changed, but in here so much is the same. jim says that is the key – keeping it simple. jim hayes / has hamburger & chili”as far as quick service, good fresh food, we have the best, in my opinion. and that’s why people come back, we don’



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