KC Chef Gets Ready For Biggest Fight Of Her Life

A Kansas City chef is getting ready for one of the biggest fights of her life.
biggest fights of her life. (mark) tom christiansen went to see what it takes to prepare for battle … on “the iron chef.” 3 it’s not easy keeping up with kansas city chef celina tio. as the owner of brooksides swanky julian bistro she’s always on the go making sure the hungry patrons who pack her restaurant patio, get great food with impecable service. marcaela stephenson, customer1:14:38:56 actually the owner brought us our food and came back and checked on us so she was very acommadating. ” stephenson is a repeat costumer. sure there’s some pressure running your own business, but nothing like what she faced during her recent taping on the food network’s “next iron chef.” celina tio,chef/ owner julian bistro 1:16:02:36 it was the most difficult thing i’ve done, it was one of the most fun things i’ve done. the show pits ten chefs from across the country against each other in an eight w



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