Karen’s “Flying-D” Bison Chili

We’re cooking Karen’s “Flying-D” Bison Chili with Chef Micah Baumstein of Ted’s Montana Grill .
thee calendar. le now let’s head over to tt’he kitchen. >> with our friends raul and ndmicah from ted’s montana grill and thisis morning, you ha ve karen’s “flying-d”ka bison chili. let’s start with the ns ame. >> karen isen actually the cook at one of ted turner’s ranches in montana and the name of the o ranch is “flying-d”yi ranch. >> oh, okay. >> so she’s a chef and this is actually hertu recipe, and we’re using it at th e restaurant. >> all rllight. is this chili with a c kick, does this h ave a little to it. >> it does have a little bit of kick to it. we leak that. it’s very, very hearty, good for winter. i think you’reu’ going to enjoy it. >> i love all the food you guys pout put together. r. >> : we have :ha bison,is onions, garlic and then we’re going to go ahead and mix the beef base, tomato paste and some water, we’re going to make th mat into a liquid and throw it into the pot



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