Kansas Closely Watching “Four Loko” Drink

Kansas liquor officials say they are closely watching what other states are doing about an alcoholic energy drink called Four Loko. Three states have already banned sales of Four Loko.
(elizabeth)three states recently banned a popular alcoholic drink called “four loko”(mark) it’s sold in gas stations and liquor stores here in the kansas city metro area. but as jake peterson reports kansas could be next in line to take four loko off the shelves. 3 it comes in fruity flavors like lemon lime and fruit punch, but “four loco’s nickname is black-out in a can. “this is 23.5 fluid ounces of love.”this youtube video shows a man downing a “four loco” in 12 seconds.many who drink it say the fruity taste makes it feel like your not drinking alcohol at all..: but this 23.5 oz can is 12 percent alcohol. that’s about the equivalent of drinking a six pack and one red bull.nats:of cashier.four loko has bece a best seller at fast stop in kansas city.owner mezar alela says it sells for under 3-bucks. a lot of people like it because of the flavor and maybe the potency of the beer. excelle



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