Just A Bite Cheesecakes

Not all wedding cakes are created equal…and when your wedding cake is made of cheesecake, you can bet it is out of this world! Rob Rozzen from Just A Bite Cheesecakes came in to show the different designs and varieties available!
lfsbride.com. >> shawn: i pulled the lawn strow yostraw. our next guest dishes up the best cakes in town. rod ros rosin is here with the best cakes in town. i have the best gig in the world. mini wedding cakes then answered and then a 47 layer take. >> this is a wedding tower we do for a lot of brides loking for alternative cakes. we have the traditional cake that the bride and groom can cut, then we have individual cakes with 50, 60 different flavors. >> shawn: name some of the flavors. >> chocolate chip, chocola chip, raspberry swirl, fresh strawberry, peanut butter bana, bacon cheesecake. >> shawn: what about the price range? you see some that are pricey. >> individual case run $2.75. the towers run about $300 and that includes the delivery and set up and pick up. >> shawn: tell me about the gift packs. >> they’re like 9 and 12. >> shawn: just like one of the flower cakes. >> you can



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