Junior League Cookbook

The new Junior League cookbook will inspire you to get into the kitchen.
dryer air moves back in. >>> if you’re looking for inspiration for dinner tonight we have the thing for you. the new cookbook from the junior league of tampa arrived and joining me with a sneak peek is betsy graham. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having us today. >> i understand this is volume 4, is that correct? >> yes, it is. >> tell me a little bit about it. >> we’re the first junior league to have a culinary cookbook. this is the fourth in the collection and three others. life of the party, every day feast and favor the seasons. we couldn’t be more thrilled with capture the coast. >> you brought some food in and it smells wonderful. tell me about the recipe you’ll prepare. >> i’m making a mediterranean orzo pasta salad. not only is it great to take on the boat but fantastic for tailgating. >>> whenever you’re ready for me to start i’ll begin. it’s perfect for travel and a nice d



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