Jungle Joe

Hope you’re hungry! This week, Jungle Joe Goldade has been cooking up a storm at the Roosevelt Park Zoo… ((Jungle Joe)) It’s time for Jungle Joe again! Last week in the ed”zoo”cation trivia question, we wanted to know what tiger species has the most stripes? The correct answer is C. Sumatran Tigers. This week, we take a look at the tigers, along with the rest of the animals at the zoo, and show you how to prepare their meals. ((Sarah Keller, Roosevelt Park Zoo)) “This is the food room at the zoo. This is where we chop all of our diets. These are the meat and produce tables. I have to know how to do the otters, the big cats… I know how to do everything, so I get to experience all the animals at the zoo.” ((Jungle Joe)) Here’s a quick look at me helping out with just one meal preparation. ((Sarah)) “Very good! Set it down right there. The giraffes will get 454 grams of romaine each. We’ll place it in here and measure it out. We’re at exactly 454 grams!” Some animals need the food chopped up. They have smaller mouths and they need smaller pieces. I like to cut the tip of the carrot off just because it’s a little dirty. That should be good! That’s Sunday’s food for the warthogs. ((Jungle Joe)) By the way, that “meal” that we just prepared wasn’t actually a meal at all! It turns out it is just a supplement. ((Sarah)) “These are just supplements! Most of the animals get hay or alfalfa during the day which is most of their diet. ” ((Jungle Joe)) So how much do you have to know about the animals to prepare their meals? Absolutely everything. ((Sarah)) “I love the zoo. I love being here and all the animals. It’s a great environment to be in.” ((Jungle Joe)) That’s just about 2% of all the work that goes into preparing all the food for the animals. I did help today, though! I prepared this: The softbill diet flamingo fare. Ok, I poured it out of a bag into this bucket. It’s the best I could do! Now, have a look at today’s ed”zoo”catiion trivia question: What is the yearly cost to feed all the animals at the Roosevelt Park Zoo? A. $50,000 B. $60,000 C. $100,000 D. $210,000 The answer is B $60,000 per year. Next week, we’ll take a look at the ‘end’ result of all that food we prepared! For KX News, I’m Jungle Joe.



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