Judge Previews “Throwdown”

Stephanie Walker, a chile specialist at New Mexico State University, talks about judging a chile cookoff for “Throwdown with Bobby Flay,” which airs Wednesday night on Food Network.
bobby flay” is a show on the food network where flay takes on local chefs. joing us this morning vi a skype from las cruces is stephanie walker a chili specialist with new mexico state university. good morning stephanie and thanks so much thanks so much for joing us. j you were invited to the in san antonio…but you didn’t know it was for a cookoff… you’re weren’t the only one that was t surprised by the se cookoff? why was the owl/buckhorn featured? i know you can’t tell us who won, but just how good were the burgers? we’ve seen nm state univ and chile research featured on several shows lately. that has to be gratifiying? stephanie, thanks so much for joining us this morning and we look forward to see who made the best burger. and if you want to find out who had the best green chili cheesburger..you can catch the cook off on throwdown with bobby flay on the food network tonight at 7



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