Joseph Decuis Restaurant

Joseph Decuis restaurant
>> our kitchen by designs is always beautiful. always by design. >> it seems like nothing says i love you like a good homemade meal! >> yeah. a little effort. >> right. >> right. >> exactly it is easy to go out and buy something, when you slave over a hot stove and [ laughter ] >> you get a little sweaty, then that means that says love. of course aaron, from joseph and owner of the restaurant, alison, how do you pronounce your last name? >> erbleman. >> a little bit of a haul. >> not too early in the morning. weather cooperated today. >> good. >> you went ahead and got started. you are making? >> fresh pasta. >> yeah, you are. >> sort of. >> started with volcano. >> i am starting with quite the volcano here. >> hopefully don’t show this. >> oh, you are. >> the beauty of live tv. >> is that the way you don’t want to do? >> well, you going to show us how it is going to end up if you attemp



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