Jordan Landing Deals

Jordan Landing Deals
i fes since the kids are going back to school we can call it fall. >> i am 2k3w4r5d to be joined by jaimy from jordan landing talking about the incredible things you can go to jordan landing to do to celebrate the beginning of fall. where should we start, maybe with some barbecue. >> tailgating season is here. zigies is doing a tailgating special, two pounds of brisket, pulled pork, poatd poat salad, rolls everything, for $99, feeds up to 12 people, probably more. >> i love it. my kids love going there because of the free ice cream, i will tell you that there. >> and kids eat free there sundays and mondays on jordan landings and right now offering 20% off to anyone who goes to the jordan landing location and mentions good things utah. >> you said, how long is that going for. >> i believe it is the whole month of september. >> so you need to get in. there i think i will go multiple times



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