An important part of Connecticut’s agricultural and culinary history, the white cap dent variety of corn has been grown by Whit Davis’s family in Pawcatuck since 1654. The cornmeal was used in the traditional jonnycake recipe Johnathan Rapp from the River Tavern in Chester cooked today.
her to an a-t-m machine to withdraw cash. the woman was later dropped off, unharmed, on dixwell avenue. we’re cooking food with some history today… whit davis and his ancestors have been cooking white p dent corn since — get this — ‘1654.’ it’s a type of corn that’s perfect for grinding into meal for cornbread, puddings and especially… jonnycakes. joining us today with some traditional jonnycakes is johnathan rapp from the river tavern in chester… and whit davis from pawcatuck, one of the last growers of white cap dent corn in the state.here’s the receipe for sunday. it should be weekend section.connecticut the good morning com.. and click on website at wtnh dot log onto our



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