Joe’s FOX Challenge: True Ribologist

With the warmer spring weather many of you will fire up the grill and cook out.nnMorris Stanley of Toledo, owner of Po Mo’s Ribs, not only enjoys the taste of good barbecue, he makes it his business.nnFOX Toledo’s Joe Rychnovsky loves ribs and has attended a handful of rib events around the region and could not wait to take the FOX Challenge.nnIf you have a challenge for Joe, e-mail him or call the station at 419-244-3600.
with the warm weather.atmany of you will fire up the grill and cook out… one northwest ohesio man not only enjoys the taste of good barbecue… he makes it his business… which leads us to this week’s joe’s fox challenge… joe, do you know any secrets??? not before i or met morris stanley…i mean po-mo… as in po-mo ribs…you see st sanley is a true ribologist… driving down bancroft in west toledo, you can see and even smell the smoky aroma of good old fashion barbecue…”these are turkey wings, these are turkey drums, we like to have something for everybody, we just took the chicken off a of little bit ago..these right here are what we call rib tips…”this is po-mo’s..”po mo, i’m the poorest man you’ll ever know, po morris, you get u it poor morris..”or morris stanley if you will…”i was doing body work and my schooteacher hocame by and said you need to get out of body work,



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