Joe’s FOX Challenge: A Cup Of Joe

If you have a challenge for Joe, e-mail him or give him a call at (419) 244-3600.nnMillions of people start each morning with a cup of refreshing coffee or perhaps an expresso.nnWhether you like the pick me up or simply enjoy the taste of a good cup of decaf, coffee is something many can’t do without.nnBut it’s not so easy to make as Joe Rychnovsky, a novice barista, found out in in this edition of Joe’s FOX Challenge.
with a cup of refresng coffee or perhaps an expresso… whether you like the pick me up or simply enjoy thtaste of a good cup of decaf… coffee is something many can’t do without… but it’s not so easy tmake… which leads us to this week’s joe’s fox challenge… joe spent part o the day at the coffee shop in oregon… joe how did it turn out?? laura, not very well…keep in mind i’m not a coffee drinker..so i came into this challenge not really knowing what to expect… “i need a regular ice late, anything else for you..’at the coffee shop on navarre avenue…”3.84 please”business is booming…”it gets rushed with one girl so we had to actually put two baristas on at one time now..”barista’s… “barista that is somebody that makes coffee.”like stephanie ribby d sah arman…”have you always been a coffee drinker…i have i drank coffee with my mother since i was young..”so sarah decide



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