Joe’s FOX Challenge: A Culinary Feat

Imagine cooking more than 1,000 burgers. Sound tiring?nnNot for FOX Toledo’s Joe Rychnovsky, an aspiring chef. That’s just a portion of the burgers served at the Mud Hens season opener Thursday at Fifth-Third Field.nnOf course Joe wanted to put his culinary talents to the test on the Hens’ biggest day in this edition of Joe’s FOX Challenge.
imagine cooking more than a thousand burgers… sound tiring??? not for joe rychnovsky… that’s just a portion of the burgers served at the mud hens game today…y. joe joins us now with this week’s isfox challenge… joe, you oudid have some divehelp, didn’t you??? laura, i had enough problems just keeping up with the cooks… i think they wanted to throw me out of the kitchen, by the time this challenge ended… they arrive long e before gametime…”what time did yo get here this morning…6…6am..wow…” “i’ve got to come here everyday and say hello to sa these guys, they come here and take care of me when i get here in the morning..”that’s because these guys are responsible for the ballpark food…they are affectionately known as the cooking crew… darren russell takes care of o the suites…”this is the gourmet condiment stations for the burgers and the chicken sandwiches to go u



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