Joe On The Go – Mini Cookies

Believe it or not, andamp;lt;a href=andamp;quot;http://www.kxnet.com/t/joe-goldadeandamp;quot; class=andamp;quot;kxInlineLinkandamp;quot;andamp;gt;Joe Goldadeandamp;lt;/aandamp;gt; was on the midway not just eating delicious fair food, but actually helping to make it! …and we’ve got proof of it in today’s Joe on the Go. ((Joe Goldade)) They’ve got footlong cordogs, they’ve got Gyros: everything out here on the midway! Also, they’ve got my favorite, mini cookies in a bag. I’m kind of hungry for them! I’m even going to help them make some today. …and after all the food I’ve sampled on the midway, it’s about time I help make some of it! I’m heading inside the mini cookies and taco in a bag stand where I’ll get a crash course in baking batches of cookies. ((Maggi Beck)) Well, you cut the cookies and put them in the oven. After they come out of the oven, you put them on the tray and you put them up here. We then count out 13 and place them in this tray, and then they get put in the heating tray until someone comes to get them. ((Joe)) This is what I’ll be aiming for: Pulling delicious, lightly browned cookies out of the oven. ((Maggi)) andamp;quot;Then turn it and cut it in half again.andamp;quot; ((Joe)) andamp;quot;…and that’s 4 cookies we’ve just made?andamp;quot; ((Maggi)) andamp;quot;Yep!andamp;quot; ((Joe)) I started off taking cookie dough and placing it on the pan. Each dough serving is cut into 4 cookies and then layed out into 7 rows of 5 cookies each, or 35 cookies per batch. Each bag contains 13 cookies. So, each batch makes a little over 2 bags of cookies. When you add it all up, that simply means it’s always busy back in the kitchen! ((Maggi)) We just constantly make them! You never get to stop. ((Joe)) So here goes my first batch. Put them in and close it up here. That’s it! We’ll have to wait and see how it turns out. Over the next 7 minutes, hard work continued between taking customer orders, checking on the cookies – nope! Not done… Filling countless food orders, and checking on the cookies. I don’t want to burn them! It’s about that time. We’ve waited 7 to 8 minutes and we’re going to see how my first batch of cookies turned out. You know what, I’m no cookie pro, (other than eating them). Maggi, what do you think? Did they come out o.k.? ((Maggi)) Perfect! ((Joe)) Awesome! Thanks! I had to try out the cookies here because I hear a master chef laid his hands on them. I believe it! At the andamp;lt;a href=andamp;quot;http://www.kxnet.com/t/north-dakotaandamp;quot; class=andamp;quot;kxInlineLinkandamp;quot;andamp;gt;North Dakotaandamp;lt;/aandamp;gt; andamp;lt;a href=andamp;quot;http://www.kxnet.com/t/nd-state-fairandamp;quot; class=andamp;quot;kxInlineLinkandamp;quot;andamp;gt;State Fairandamp;lt;/aandamp;gt;, I’m Joe, on the go!



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