Jessica Interactive Report April 23

Jessica Interactive Report April 23
jessica is in the dot-com center with more on what new mexicans are blogging. to find great and very in-depth reviews of resturants around the state…check out this website: gil’s thrilling and filling blog located at n-m gastro nome dot com. local blogger, gil garduno’s latest entry features the route 66 malt shop in albuquerque. he writes…the grilled two lane hot dog featuring a hebrew national wiener is an oversized hot dog with oversized taste. and, he says the green chile cheeseburgers feature a quarter pound of lean beef provided by a local non-chain butcher shop..add crisp romaine lettuce, fresh tomato, thin-sliced grilled onions and mayonnaise and you’ve got one of the juiciest, six napkins cheeseburgers in town. gil’s best bet when you visit…green chile cheeseburger, bleu cheese green chile burger, root beer, root beer float, two lane hot dog and the bana hot fudge sundae.



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