Jeremy – Zucchini! – 7/14/17

Jeremy – Zucchini! – 7/14/17
[?] >> jeremy: all right. it’s cooking time. as you all know — as joe knows, because you’ve tasted by sg zucchini, my zucchini runneth over! >> joy: i’m the beneficiary of this right now. you had to find something to do with all of this. you need something new. >> jeremy: i’ve runned out of bread, sauteed it, thai dishes, sauteed with butter. last weekend, i was having a get together and i posted it online. and people are like she me the recipe. what i’m making is a zucchini amuse-bouche. >> joy: that stumps even me, jeremy! >> jeremy: joy, you’re a foodie. >> joy: i feel inadequate now. >> jeremy: an amuse-bouche means to tease your mouth. it’s to amuse your mouth. at my house, every night, i’m cooking something with zucchini. so the amuse-bouche would be something with zucchini to give you a taste of what is ahead in the main course. kind of like an appetizer, it’s supposed to be bite



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