Jennifer Bushman

Weeknight Cooking tips with with Jennifer Bushman.
going to take the worry out of weeknight >> well, today we’re going to take if worry out of week night cooking. our next guest promises to make it more like fun, less like a chore. your favorite takeout at home. jennifer bushman wrote the kitchen coach series welcome back. >> thank you very much. >> i love your tips. i can’t stand the question, i have nightmares. mom, what’s for dinner. >> 75% of americans do not know what they’re going to have when they’re driving home at 5:00. >> i’m one of them a lot of nights. i thought everybody else had it figured out. >> that’s why so many do takeout or heat and serve. we have great ideas. starting with chicken. you can watch chicken on special, keep it in the freezer. even if you cook it, you can keep some. this is delicious, a sweet and spicey chicken. you mix the sauce, brown sugar, pick canty sauce. >> brown sugar. a little built of picaante.



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