Japanese Sectors To Watch – Banks, Automakers, Technology, Breweries

According to Nikkei, Mitsubishi-UFJ May Post $549 Million Loss for First Nine Months; Nissan May Ask for 50 Billion Yen from Japanese Government, Shares Fall 1.6%; Suzuki Motor Cuts Full Year Net Income Forecast by 63%; Nikon and Tokyo Electron Lower Full Year Net Income Forecasts, Sanyo Maintains Its Forecast; Asahi Breweries Predicts 11% Profit Rise in 2009, May Be Teaming Up with Lotte to Buy Oriental Brewery for as Much as $1.65 Billion (Bloomberg Live)
let’s catch up with what to watch in this neck of the woods. >> mitsubishi is reporting its earnings. the nikkei says they will pot — post a loss. the first blast through the april through defend — december time. the last forecast was for profit of tens of billions of yen assuming a fourth quarter profit. adrs lost overnight. the nikkei says that nissan may ask for 58 billion yen in government aid. nissan shares underperforming by 1.6%. suzuki cutting its annual profit forecast as well by 63%. as a stronger yen hit sales and — in key european markets as well as india. the world’s sickest largest car maker expects to make a profit of 22 billion yen with cuts in output as well as in pay. segno maintained its break-even guidance. nearly all profit will be wiped out. producers cut spending in typical man because the recession. the maker of super drive beer brewery is is predicting profits



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