Jan. 30 – Salisbury Steak With Mushroom Wine Sauce

1/30/11 – 7am – An easy to make dish with our lean ground sirloin or bison, very tender and awesome with the super simple mushroom wine sauce. Served over mashed potatoes, rice or noodles.
>>on the menu this morning… salisbury steak with mushroom wine sauce.. > > this is actually really easy to make. we will start out with ground meat sirloin. you can use pork or veal would be excellent. you want to get fresh ground meat that does not have skin or other byproducts and it. bayh will good ground beef. i have horse radish in their along with mustard and egg. we have tony’s steak and roast seasoning. all of this mixes together and makes patti’s. we then saute them in the pan. i would say half to three-quarters of an inch thick. you can make them smaller if you want. they brown in the pan. then i had onions and mushrooms. you cannot have too many mushrooms. i saute them until they are about done. i use white or red wine reduction sauce. if you do not have the sauce you could actually use a little bit of stock. then these patty’s go back in here. they finish in the sauce for a



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