Jameson Glazed Chicken

We’re cooking Jameson Glazed Chicken with Pancetta Whipped Potatoes, Sautéed Fava Beans and Morel Mushrooms with Hotel Viking.
so much,so courtney. back to you.o we’re going back over e to thehe kitchen. >> we’re with kevin seal from sfr hotel viking in newport, newport restau rant week continues. s.what do we have thiavs morning? i see a lotot of jameson over ve there, that makes m me nervous. . what have you got? >> we’re going to do james i on andapple glazed chicken. we’re going too make a glaze with the apple cider and jameson and when the chicken is donse beings we’ll pour it ovewer.po >> last week it had guinness, pot roast, is this jameson in the dish before, during and after.ft >> right. >> you mix it at all the difference stages of the proces s? >> yes. >> is this one of your specialties?sp >> we made this for restauran t ta week and it’s going into our spring menu. >> it’s called jameson glazed chicken withit panchetta glazed potato es. >> pan can he tell. >> i’m used to u talking s portsin and basket



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