Chef Michael Vaughn for the Ringling Bro’s and Barnum & Bailey’s Circus is here to cook up some Jambalaya in The Rhode Show Kitchen.
what are we ceooking today? >> courtney, we are making jambalaya. al is it jambalaya or jambalaya? >> i call it jambalaya. >> all right.ig that’s what i’ll call it too. we are in here cooking with chef michael vaughn, who is welcome barnumand bailey circus. i get the popcorn and candy, and , watch the circus and ian thought t that’s the food we’re talking about, but really, you have a small army to feed who work for the circus, so you have to cooko for all these people.th >> right>>. >> is jambalaya good for everybody?evod >> they love cajunlo fooajd, food from all around the t world, because there’s so many different people. eo i don’t do it myself. i have i a staff that definitely helps me out. >> is it neat to travel thehe world and be cooking and seeing different places? p >> it’s awesome. ame i get to see more places than most people if leisure get toif et see. e.>> tell me w mhat w



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