Jamaican Jerk Marinade

We’re cooking Jamaican Jerk Marinade in the kitchen with Chef Jaime D’Oliveira from Red Stripe Narragansett.
talent. hopefully a lot of you will show up and we’ll see you there. let’s head over to the kitchen ki with the talentless patrick little.le >> we’re in the kitchen with red stripe. you made that? the best part ofof the accessorizing has to be your shoes. >> oh, yeah. the shot on the shoes. >> hey, if — >> outside cooking. if you’re cooking outside, you have t o be comfortable. >> this morning, what are wear masking. >> >> a traditionaldi jamaican dish, jerkje chicken, you can do it with economic enor pork and a bunch of different salads. bana guava ketchup, beans and crab salad, red stripe beer. >> and you’ve got some — >> grilled pineapple. >> i was going to say over on the grill, you’re grilling pineapples and where do those go? >> that goes with the dish. >> all right. so what’s going on down in narragansett these days, anything? >> live entertainment, right? >> the entertainment.



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