Jamaican Coconut Rice And Peas

Jamaican Coconut Rice and Peas
now that rite might be the wrong choice. bill whitaker, cbs news, los angeles. >> chef wendell joins us now. and he is cooking up jamaicaen conut rice and peas. this is a good dish. we both likegia make — jamaicaen food. today is something different, though. > hot, spicey. > healthy. >> wel indeed. brown rice and beans obviously are wonderful. we’re using coconut oil. >> which is interesting. you were telling me something about this. >> we have been kind — we’ve missed out on the coconut oil train. it’s a wonderful thing. daniel, it actually helps heart disease. we miss — we misinterpret it as being — saturated fat. whether actually saturated fats from plants are metabolized entirely differently by the body. >> why do we use les of this? > in all good intentions, we were trying to get americans to buy more locally produced oil. the economy is it important. however, we’re missing the



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