Jack’s River Bar Pelts Bill With Tomatoes

Bill and Carley take a look back at some of the fun games at Jack’s River Bar in Naples. nThanks to them for pelting Bill with tomatoes!
forecast. >> welcome back, we’re once again going to take you to jack’s river bar before we close out the show. we showed this yesterday. it’s the so much fun. >> you can’t get enough of it. >> it’s so much fun to watch you being — >> it’s like the tomato festival they have in italy so they have this naples harbor yacht club, this is one of the summer gamessant they transitioned into winter. i don’t know what they hit me with in the winter, maybe tan gelos. >> jack river’s bar is where they had the big hamburgers, i’m going to have to go down to jack’s. >> and the margaritas or the wig drinks they were — big drinks that were in a dplaz the size of — >> somewhere the bar. >> it’s at the naples harbor yacht club. >> let’s see bilk hit by tomorrow — bilk hit by tomatoes. >> (sounds). >> 174. [laughter] >> now i — [laughter] >> i was texting you for help. that, here is what happened: th



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